Peavey HP Special CT USA electric guitar



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This has become my favorite perfomance guitar. The upgrades are perfect. I replaced the knobs with black Tele style knobs becase they are much easier to grab and pull up on instead of the stock Strat style ones. It fits my body and is easy to play. I had to take the nut slot down but that was all it needed to make it right. I use it for all styles of's mot just for rock. Good country sound in tapped mode and a full jazz tone in humbucking mode. Check out my video of me playing this wonderful instrument at Type Mike Calzone in the search box. It's a screamin' version of "I Saw Her Standing There". Hope ya like it.



Awesome guitar, I just wish they release a 24 fret version. That would really make me wanna have one!



As a subscriber, I enjoy all your gear reviews, however, I and also several of my musician friends always wonder why you never tell us what amp or effects Paul is using.

We all know the amp, cab, speakers, effects, all make a huge difference in tone.

Whether Paul is plugged straight into a mixing board, POD, or there is a mic (again what model mic) up against a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Either way the reader should know so we can attach some validity to the review.

Reason being, just about any guitar sounds good through a expensive, or studio quality rig/gear. It's not a silly request, and I am surprised it has never been revealed what Paul is play through or into.


H.P. Gordon



Thanks Chris and great playing as always Paul....



Hey guys can you post a video review of this guitar? I thought Paul already did a video review but I can't find it anywhere. This will be my next purchase!!!


Christopher Sca...

Video now posted.

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