Peavey Unveils Riffmaster Guitar Hero Controllers



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Blue and white match colors are very suitable for in fuggy summer dress, Nike Shox bring out relaxed breath.



This is a great idea. I also agree that the poor construction of the current controllers is not where it need to be... The idea a real guitar body and neck for the game makes it ten times the allready addictive fun. Who said games were for kids. Let's ROCK...



As a big fan of the music based video games (GH3 and Rock Band), this sounds like a very cool concept to assist in bringing the reality of playing a real guitar to the next level. Poor construction of the current controllers has always been an issue. However, they only cost $50-$80 to replace. I wonder what the cost of this will be? if over $200, I don't know that people will flock to it. Of course, the PS2 is the LAST generation console as well. They should quickly expand this to include the XBOX 360 or PS3. Overall I like the concept, as long as the price is right.

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