Photo Gallery: Jimi Hendrix's Guitar World Covers Through the Years



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I saw Jimi @ Woodstock '69 - early Monday morning - all who were left were there to see Jimi. I am glad he is recognized as the greatest guitarist who ever played one - because he is. Sure there are many great ones Les Paul and Wes Montgomery, BB King, Eric Clapton but Jimi Hendrix is in a second to none class- the Greatest~. You tube has the greatest collections of his videos and should be observed closely to see and hear what he did. I turned my grandson onto Electric Ladyland - it is hard to imagine such imagination released through steel strings and a simple pedal.
Not to be a bummer but have you seen "Jimi Hendrix: The Last 24 Hours"? I recommend it. I wish Jimi were able to have continued making music.
He was like a friend to who ever listens to him. selah

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