Photo Gallery: Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarists Throughout the Years



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Randy Rhoads was a true musician. The music world lost somebody huge on March 19th 1982, but not before he inspire some long hair kid in California to pick up a guitar and learn. 30 years later, he still inspires me to play and practice every day. As for who followed, Jake was awesome, no doubt, but Zakk was everything Ozzy needed and then some.



I realize that we all have opinions, but for me the best guitarist Ozzy ever worked with as a solo artist other than Randy Rhoads was Jake E. Lee. Ozzy could do us a favor and re-hire Jake for 3 more CD's.


Jake E Lee was not out of the spotlight as described after being relieved of his duties in Ozzy's band. Anyone remember a band called Badlands? Jake had a major hand in that band.

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