Photos: Avenged Sevenfold at Orion Music + More 2012



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First things first (zamdrang) you must be a fuckin Fag & a loser!I've been a rock fan for many yrs & my all time favorite show & band none other than iron maiden!well now there'sa new greatest band in the world & their name?avenged FuCkIN sevenfold!!no doubt the best band there is.their music is fuckin awesomeness.what they sing about the sound,all is beyond excellent!zamdrang you must be a retard,have to be.your comment is pure shit,get a life loser.if I seen you in person I would honestly smack you like the bitch you are.a7x rocks the world!!



If you don't like 'em, leave 'em alone! These guys are f***ing awesome. Poor Zamdrang doesn't get it and never will...



Dont get it and never will....whats with the stupid names...zacky vengeance....gimme a break... and the singers bandanna/hat/sunglass combo... all he's missing to complete his identity search is a goatee.

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