'Pink Floyd: The Black Strat' Tells History of David Gilmour's Iconic Guitar



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Sir Laurence

It's an interesting subject, no doubt. I love the guitar and I wanted my own like it, but not identical.

I've built my own black Strat, rather than pay 4K for the collectors edition. My feeling is that David's guitar (or cosmetic clone even) will never really be my guitar. So I have a MIM that I worked over, relicized, and customized with the same pickup set (plus switch), and it screams. I named it Pedro. You can get a prewired pickup set with the same pickups and wiring diagram as the fender reissue (fat 50's, CS 69, SSL-5 bridge) for $300 beans. And it's really quiet too, no hum. Have it worked over by a good luthier and I've paid 500-600 bucks. It's really all I'll ever need. Big tone! Hitch it up to a nice tube amp and your off to the Dark Side of the Moon!

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