Playing Those Mind Games: A 1973 Beatles Album That Never Was



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Cool concept - 12 songs eh? ok ... This would be my concept on what if....
The album would be called - Together again at last
This would be in 1974

songs would be

1. instant karma- john
2. my sweet lord - george
3. photograph - ringo
4. maybe I'm amazed - paul
5 crippled inside- john
6. give me love (give me peace on earth) george
7. it don't come easy -ringo
8. jet - paul
9. gimmie some truth- john
10. the no no song - ringo
11. what is life -george
12. band on the run -paul
** of course the songs would be changed around - maybe a duet with george on "give me love" and maybe some guest appearances with the some of the members of the stones, clapton, maybe john lee hooker and some others

**this is mine --what is yours?

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