Poll: Albert, B.B. or Freddie King — Who Is the Real “King” of the Blues?



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WOWZERS, for a blues fan, that is a tough questions to answer. I love all 3 but unfortunately because of my age, I have only been able to experience one of them live and in person. And that was BB.
All three of them are amazing at what they do. And in my opinion they should all be classed as "The King Of The Blues".
I voted for BB because he is great. But the 20 minutes I got to spend with him after his show recently I will never forget and that is why he got my vote!
Long live the King's of The Blues!



Voted Albert for personal taste. but Freddie was cool cause he never held him self back & was trying new styles not just Blues and he did it well.



Freddie gets my vote! All the British Invasion guitar players got together and set up a fantasy guitar draft and slit up Freddie's licks and instrumentals. You can hear it everywhere!!!



I love all 3 ,so it was a difficult decision, but I voted for the guy I listen to the most, Freddie. I felt like it was sort of comparing apples to oranges. Everyone should listen to all 3 of these masters,as it will add feeling to your playing.


It's impossible to choose from these blues kings, they're all just as great, and even when it comes down to taste it's just impossible to choose!



Not really a fair question if you ask me... They are all the best in different areas.


There all king's in my book. Some one that live throw hard time and suffer a lot hard ship. Paid there dues in life. And lived to sing about. You can wear that thrown .I Think there's a lot guitarist out there now. There a dime and a dozen .That need to learn to pay there dues .



Freddie King was a much better blues player and singer than the other two Kings. Just listen to any of the albums he made with Leon Russell and you will see why. Hell, BB can't even play chord.



yeah, I'm partial to ol' Freddie myself.

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