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Poll Results: The Top 10 Guitar Solos on Beatles Songs

Poll Results: The Top 10 Guitar Solos on Beatles Songs

A few weeks back, we provided you with a list of 60-plus Beatles songs -- all of which feature a guitar solo played by George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney or Eric Clapton -- and asked you to vote for the song with the best fretwork of the bunch.

Was it "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"? God, no!

Was it "Good Morning Good Morning"? No -- and it didn't even make the top 10 list, which is surprising, given that it features a mean-sounding McCartney solo that, in some ways, outshines his solo on "Taxman."

Which reminds me: Was it "Taxman"? No again! And it wasn't "Old Brown Shoe," either.

Don't worry -- you'll find the results below. Also, take note that the No. 1 song won by a fairly large margin -- and notice that Abbey Road songs make up a good portion of this list, possibly earning the distinction of being the band's official "guitar album."

Anyway, here they are, your choices for the 10 best guitar solos on Beatles songs. Thanks for voting!

10. "Revolution" - Released as a single with "Hey Jude"

That's Lennon playing the guitar solo -- and Nicky Hopkins stealing the show on keyboards.


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