Poll: What Is Eddie Van Halen's Best Guitar Solo?



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This is one of the many reasons why Eddie is my favorite guitar player, and why I think he is the greatest guitar player of all time.
This is a massive list, FULL of great Eddie parts. His solos and riffs, equally satisfying to listen to.
And even with this massive list, everyone in the comment section are saying, "Where's this?? Where's this song? What about this song?" etc..
There's SO much more we could vote on. While Eruption is clearly the most memorable solo and the one that got Eddie into the spotlight, so it will get most of the votes, I don't think it's his best. And it's hard to argue what his best solo is, because they're all so great!
Eddie truly is the greatest guitar player of all time.



Ditto, you pretty well said it all.



Where is On Fire?? Some of these choices are a bit...ODD! Anyway, I would say the best solo is in 5150 on Live Without a Net. Wow! He took that song to a whole new level and smashed it!!!! :)



Who the hell voted for tatttoo lol



All of Eddie's guitar solos are great. Spanish Fly is his best, in my opinion, because he can air tap on an acoustic with a real clean tone and also play Django Reinhardt licks and interpret them as his own. That's what is so unique about that song. Eruption is a very impressive solo, but most of it is extremely fast alternate picking and shredding up and down the neck. Anyone can do that with a good amount of practice, but to be able to play Eddie's tapping and soloing techniques on a nylon acoustic as smooth as possible is beyond outstanding.



I think that it is pretty cool of you to give your opinion as you are up there too.



How is "Not Enough" not listed on here? That's Ed at his best.



These list-issues are fine for creating a buzz, but I have to say I am saddened that you guys have a replica guitar in your centerfold. BOO!!! THAT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL "Frankenstien" GUITAR. Those of us that pay way too much attention can identify the real deal from the $35K intensely precise replicas. C'MON MAN!!!!



Where is House of Pain. Not all great Van Halen songs are here to vote for so how can this be fair or accurate.



First, I don't think it's fair to include the instrumental pieces in this vote. Just doesn't seem kosher.

Second, my favorites have always been "Hot For Teacher" and "Beat It", both for a somewhat similar reason; they showcase Ed as a consummate musician and a truly epic guitar player, but because of the particulars of the songs he gets to that end point via very different methods.

"Beat It" is full of whammy bars and tapping and growls and screams and all manner of 'tricks' that Ed either invented or popularized, so it's a great technical tour de force. But for me, el numero uno will always be "Hot For Teacher". Mainly because it's a Van Halen song and I can't vote Ed's best solo as a session gig. But I also vote for it sorta because it is the opposite of "Beat It" - low frills, mostly pentatonic noodling. But it is ab-so-floggin'-lootely in the groove. It shows that he doesn't need the gimmicks to totally bring the thunder.



Good Points Bro!!


C'mon you guys what kind of question is that?? I'll have to agree with first comment - Well, All of them then!



Well, All of them are great. The way i see it, with out the man. "Eddie" There would be alot of unknown guitarist in the world. He changed the way the guitar was played. I picked little dreamer, but all of them are great thanks for all the yrs of music. I know its helped me through some tough times.



I've always been partial to "I'm The One", it's a great song with great guitar playing all the way through, from start to finish. My jaw still drops when I heard that song; it's on my iPod and gets played a lot. Boogie on!!

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