Poll: What Should Metallica Play at the Golden Gods Awards?



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Each of those songs have been permanently fixed into their set for the past few years now. They close their set with Seek, they open it with Creeping. One is one of their most known songs, so of course they'll play that, along with Master. Ride has been recently added to their common set list, but it's a staple now. They only song they HAVEN'T played live yet is The Frayed Ends of Sanity. Which I'd rather see them play at Orion in June. A lot of really crappy bands will be at this award show and they don't deserve to see that, that's for sure. Haha. So it's a tough one. Four Horsemen would be nice, Ktulu, Orion, maybe To Live is To Die? We'll find out. Thats what I say.



.i think they should play seek & destroy and one because the year 2013 marks kill 'em all 30th anniversary(1983) & and justice for all 25th anniversary(1988).



I vote they play: The Frayed Ends of Sanity

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