Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1972?



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Dave Mason, Nick Drake, Savoy Brown, Ry Cooder, Little Feat and Roy Buchanan omitted? Elton John is here, and ELP? As guitar albums? And ... What about Eat A Peach!!!!!



Great selection of albums overall. You could pick any five and argue that they were great guitar albums.

To the guy who said "Why is Lou Reed on there?" - you obviously have not heard Transformer. Mick Ronson plays all the guitar on that album, and he is a master. If you take Ziggy Stardust and Transformer and play them back to back, you will realize what a great and underrated guitarist Ronson was. Furthermore, Ronson did the musical arrangements on both albums, including string arrangements, and played a wide array of instruments on both. Talent all over the place, taken too soon.


Tough call between Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Some shouldn't even be on this list considering it's a 'best guitar album' poll. Moody Blues? ELP? Lou Reed? And who could ever forget Jackson Browne's pioneering shredding techniques???



read the intro. it started out as a story about 50 great albums from 1972; the guitar album idea came later once we saw all the great guitarists on the list.


Man, that's hard to pick. Depends on the mood I guess. How can you not love Just another Band from LA at least for Billy The Mountain? Hendrix In The West goes without saying, Made In Japan a classic...Wishbone Ash with Blowin' Free. Good Luck with this one I can't really pick one.



No better one-two punch to start an album than Messin' with the Kid, and Laundromat. L.I.E. rules!



Machine Head better than Made In Japan? No, not even close.



Tough call between the Top 2. Same ones I was debating. If it had been one of the first 3 Sabbath albums I would have went with them, but Vol.4 wasn't up to par.


I actually think Vol. 4 was great-if you can forget that 'Changes' was on it. That was the only real weak point of the album.

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