Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1984?



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i also think there is a problem; I made test with scorpions vote ( day or night) and automatically the percentage of styper increases of the double approximatically ; sounding not valid .



Oh, I don't know 57trouble, those Stryper boys can play. Oz Fox and Michael Sweet are extremely talented guitarists who can hold their own with anyone. I checked out their Covering covers disc, and their take on Van Halen, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc tunes are darn good, and the new song God, it rocks hard. No, these guys are worthy. One may not dig their message (I do, as I believe in an Almighty creator and a Savior who died for all), but most objective listeners acknowledge they can flat out play their instruments and sing. If Stryper fans (closet or unashamed) vote them to victory, more power to 'em.



You'd be suprised how many fans Stryper has...unlike many bands alot of their fans have stuck by them through the years probally not only due to the music but also due to their character...pay attention to all the touring they are doing... somebody is buying tickets...they are still making money and making new fans everyday. STRYPER ROCKS FOREVER!



Uhhh, this is not about bands or songs its about what is the best GUITAR ALBUM. I bet if you asked 50 people on the street what the best guitar album of 1984 is not ONE would say Stryper.Hell, how many people even remember them ? The problem here is , one christian band was put on the poll so Christians are going to vote for it...or sit there all day voting. The van halen forums have about 1000 viewers/users a day and they usually FLOOD these polls. So its either rigged our you are a douchebag that is cheating. What would Jesus think about that ?

And stryper looked pretty gay...you sure they were christians ? I have friends in the industry that said they partied like everyone else on the strip ( gazaries ect ) back in the day. Some said there " christian bent " was a gimick. So keep voting. It dosent make stryper any better..it just means you have nothing better to do.




I remember them well. Admittedly, I'm not a churchgoer. Pipe organs and harps really don't move me! Better say this before lightning strikes me down - Stryper really is a great guitar band :-)



I m agree ; I know dokken Dio Scorpions Van halen Queeensryche D guilmour Kiss Bon jovi F zappa Ingwee m Quiet riot Saxon Judas priest Anthrax the cult S vai Rush Manowar S haggar Wasp Europe Toto Queen Ratt T nuggent D purple Iron maiden Metallica Whitesnate Great white Krokus red hot BUT STRYPER : SORRY I NEVER HEAR THIS NAME , I DON T KNOW THIS BAND !!! Poll no valid !!!



The obvious choice is Yngwie Malmsteen's "Rising Force" -- and indeed, Yngwie is mentioned in the write-up for the poll. But "Rising Force" is not listed as an option on which to vote. Most unfortunate!


Josh Hart

Sorry for the oversight, wrathius, it's on there now! Vote away!

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