Poll: What Was the Best Guitar Album of 1987?



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There's no doubt that Appetite for Destruction is a great record, and there were plenty of great records released in 1987. But, in my opinion, the Whitesnake record was by far THE best guitar album of 1987. In terms of a "guitar" album, the John Sykes tone was new and unique at the time. He had such a huge sound on that record. I can remember being in the guitar shops all the time with other players and we were spending hours with rack effects trying to dial in the Sykes tone. John Sykes, even though he's been around for ages, is still one of the most underrated, and definitely better than Slash.



I'm surprised that Nightfall, Candlemass' second album that came out in 1987, isn't mentioned. To me, it's one of the best guitar albums of 1987 and a doom metal classic. I would have voted for that album if it was listed.



This was very difficult. I have to add my top three from this list.

Joe Satriani Surfing..

Joshua Tree U2

Hysteria Def Leppard

Not only technical playing skill..but flawless guitar tech production and recording All three!!!!



Again, some albums are gonna get tons of votes despite not being the bet in terms of guitarwork. How can anyone say Slash is better than either Marty Friedman or Jason Becker (Cacophony)?

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