Poll: What Is Your Favorite Tremolo/Vibrato System for Guitar?



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Any bridge can be made to stay in tune when set up properly(along with the rest of the guitar). Any "tech worth his clout" will tell you that. Original Floyd Rose trems and the new Ibanez ZR trems are my favorites but I still enjoy a good ole tune o matic.



I use kahlers and their way more comfortable and versatile then any Floyd i used. Even the fender trem is really limit.



Kahlers are also awesome.



My Fender Strat"Vintage Style" tremolo is awesome, it does not go out of tune every time I grab the whammy bar or any time...period.



Trem bars are becoming a crutch for guitarists that don't have a good lead line or run out of solo ideas.

I recall the recent Leslie West poll and while watching the video I cringed every 7 seconds as he repeadedly reached for the bar.

He's a much better guitarist than one that needs this toy, but in this video, he got stuck using it and throwing in vibrato/dives with it.

I recall several videos of other competitors and their "big lead" segment of the concert. Most just grab and dive.

It can be a tool, but one that is way over used.



any tech worth his clout will tell you a floyd rose is awful. even by locking the strings at both ends that doesn't mean that the trem itself will come back to absolute zero, which it never will. the companies that have come the closest are kahler and the ibanez trems that come on the s series guitars because of the springs they use. floyd rose had marketing superiority when them and kahler were battling for top trem in the 80's so more people use floyds now. it's not because they're better, it's because people are idiots and go by marketing.



The Floyd Rose is the best if you get the original made in Germany IMO. Those China knockoffs are bad. Like the other poster said...once the strings are stretched and locked down your guitar will not go out of tune.



I'm Floyd user all the way.Getting ready to install a Floyd Upgrades FU bridge with titanium saddles and block,stainless hardware,Tremel-No,Noiseless Springs,the works.The damn thing cost more than some of the guitars I own.LOL The Schaller Floyd system on my #1 guitar (a real Hamer USA Chaparral) has worked perfectly for over 20 years,but since I'm overhauling the electronics (new Sustainiac,new Bare Knuckles Rebel Yell bridge pickup,Monster Cable wiring) anyway,I figured I'd go for the gold.There has always been this BS about the tone on a Floyd,as well as unjust quibbles about sustain.Any issues that one might have with the system (aside from string changing,which is admittedly a pain),improvements and upgrades can be found in the aftermarket.I got my first Floyd-equipped guitar in 1986 (a white Kramer Baretta-a real one,not the crap they're trying to pass off now).I'm not a purist or a vintage guy,if they came out with something better than a Floyd,I'd go for it.But in the 26 years I've been using them (yeesh!)I just haven't found anything better.



If you don´t use the tremolo to do dive-boms, vibratos or high pitch squeals, why bother with this? Use a tune-o-matic, you´ll be happier!
I love the things you can do with the whammy bar. The thing is that the tension/balance between string tension/neck/springs must be perfect. I use a spoon to do this. When you got the hang of it, it´s fast.
If you balance the advantages and disadvantages, you´ll see that changing strings takes more time, but after you tune it, it´s tuned.
With ALL of the other systems, changing strings is fast, but you have to tune the guitar every time you pick it up...and after playing each song. Try it when you´re playing in gigs. You´ll see.
The Floyd for me wins this one because it stays in tune. The Fender tremolo is flawed(even the new ones with balls in the head featured in the deluxe models). Use it once and you´ll have your guitar out of tune for the rest of the song. How bad is that? It doesn´t matter how tight the springs are because it detunes on the head.
The new Ibanez floyds are interesting. They incorporated a few things to make it easy to tune...by making it more complex! But if you´re a handy person, you won´t be needing this.
The Floyd is the one to choose. It´s made of stainless steel so it will last forever. Go for it.


don't see the need for them.


I have an Alex Lifeson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose. It is so smooth and stays in tune really well. MUCH much much better than a stop tail. Once strings are stretched I can literally pick up the guitar by the strings and it stays in tune. Try that with any other trem!



Give me a stop-tail bridge any day.



Floyd Rose trems & their licensed counterparts are almost historical - I won't forget seeing Randy Hansen & Eddie Van Halen in 1979 doing their shows using guitars w/ Floyds - stunning dives & screams! When I met Jay Reynolds of Malice a few years later, it was the first time I got to play a guitar w/ a Floyd bar - very impressive. Now, I play an Ibanez RG3120DR Prestige that has a licensed Ibanez Edge II tremolo system on it - with it's extra weight and re-design, it's great and stays in tune on a zero / level float. I can't say enough about Ibanez' Edge Tremolo Systems, except that I would hope Ibanez would sell them separately from their guitars, like an upgrade accessory. This particular trem is the particular bomb...if you like tremolo-fitted guitars, I recommend that you check out Ibanez' line of killer instruments.


I think The Ibanez Edge Zero is the cheapest and best trem system ive ever used. Original Floyd rose mite be the best if money grows on trees lol .


Paul Draven

If you can afford it (or find one anymore) the Washburn Wonderbar was by far the better tremolo out there. No springs, screw on to ...well anything, les pauls, strats...easy adjustments, easy string change good for left or right handed players. Just a perfect set-up...but they are hard to find, and when you do find one on e-bay its usually around $200-$300



the wonderbar was washburn's version of the kahler much like ibanez has the edge which is their version of the floyd rose.


I prefer the Floyd Rose Double-Locking System. It's sturdy, stays in tune, and has just enough fight to make it interesting.

Kahler's is very smooth and that kind of lulls me to sleep with it, but otherwise it's my #2 choice.

I would not recommend the EDGE vibrato system for ANYONE. The metal is soft and bends. That is a major problem among many for the system.



Floyd Rose is the obvious choice for this one, I want to get a Floyd Rose Ultimate Titanium Tremolo



I've resisted the Floyd Rose as there is bad press out there. But my latest guitar has it and I love it for playing. But I haven't gotten into the changing of strings as I left that for the technicians to do. I don't even want to attempt it at this point. So from a players view, it is great.


I really like the smooth action on my Fender Mustang for surfy tone. Its fully floating and staying in tune better than a strat trem.

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