Poll: Which Beatles Song Features the Best Guitar Solo?



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If I were to add a song to the list, it would be "And I Love Her" from A Hard Day's Night album. While perhaps not a classic rock riff, the smooth sliding tones of Harrison are unmistakable and rank up with some of his best early work. Of the songs that are in the list, I would vote for "Something" and pretty much ignore "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". I do this because while Clapton's guitar work is great on the song, he was there as an invited guest of Harrison. Must be nice to be able to invite friends like that but still, he was not one of The Beatles.



Listen, I love Eric Clapton as much as anyone.. His style, his play, technique, and tone have always inspired me as a guitarist. But this is the best solo by one of the Beatles. I know Clapton recorded the solo for While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but come on... Yea it was a Beatles song, but no Clapton was no Beatle. People forget that these guys were more than just gifted song writers and players of many different instruments. Was George Harrison an Eric Clapton with great Bluesy guitar solos? No. Was Harrison a Jimmy Page or Slash where he could go off on some 3-4 minute solo and make it work? No. The Beatles were about making songs and about reaching everyone on the planet with their tunes. But Harrison, McCartney and Lennon knew music and knew where and how to throw a solo into their music and it worked. Some of the best guitar solos of all time grace those albums and while the Clapton solo was greatness, it still shouldn't take away from the solos the Beatles did themselves. A true guitar man or music writer can set down and appreciate those solos. Why are they still the best band ever? Well besides the sells they've racked up and still continue to rack up to this day. Besides the fact that their music has inspired about everyone from day 1. And besides the fact that they wrote every single bit of their headline material and basically turned out enough of it in 9-10 years that would more less take others 25-30 years to do. And I won't even mention roughly 30 #1's and some excellent songs not reaching #1 bc of a song they already had at the top spot lol. But they were a band who could write, who could play about anything. They all could sing and sing brilliantly. They all could play and while Lennon/McCartney did most of the writing the other 2 could write as well. But you'd think they did studio work for 50 years with all the material produced. Yet it didn't even reach 10 on the professional level. They hands down have done what no one else could or no one else has since.



Well said my friend, well said.

I do lessons on my website (much Beatles) if interested - really note for note. I'm not spam, just a Beatle (and Zeppelin) nut! It's






the end and all them jamming what more can you ask for



...and what about those iconic ten notes played with punk rock ferocity in "Helter Skelter"? One of the greatest minimalist solos ever! Still, I think "Yer Blues" beats them all...harsh, dirty as hell, intense, yet sweet and emotional, even hate my rock and roll...damn, how much cooler could it possibly get? None such cooler...



It would have been helpful to specify which guitar solo for "Let it Be" are you referring to. There is a different solo on the single than on the album.



GD: We know that, but a vote for "Let It Be" is a vote for either version. It will need all the help it can get against "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" anyway!

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