Pop Music Fans Need Video Lessons Too



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Hi I'm that guy. I didn't mean to be haten. I'm ganna say about the same thing that i said in a response in that video. naaa im just going to say sorry. You know i did feel kinda good that i had a comment that people liked. sometimes is just not worth it. I forget that there are people involved on the other end of YOUtube.



Matt--what an intelligent response. My musical tastes range from the heavy extremes of the devil wears prada to, say, taylor swift.

If people love music and love the *guitar* I think they should be able to find something to appreciate in virtually any style of music, no matter if it's a song by Barney the dinosaur or August Burns Red.

Even if a "metalhead" doesn't like a tswift song--he could at least take a look at the guitar parts and acknowledge how she arranged the song and wrote the chord progression, etc.

Keep up the *really great* work.

And working at Guitar World sounds like a dream--even if it would mean getting coffee and making copies Iii|; )


The Taylor Swift lesson, appropriately on how to play the song "Mean", is now up on YouTube:



So is your Metallica lesson on how to play "The Unforgiven"







A great response indeed.

We were all beginners at some point and that kind of video is, i think, far from being useless for those who start playing.

Like it has been said, don't watch it if you feel like you won't like it once you read the title !!



AMEN!!! A great point Brilliantly communicated.



Brilliant - I love it.

I love all music, and I'm trying to get my young daughters into music, the guitar in particular, as well. You're doing an excellent service to us.


Oh, and pay no mind to whiny bitches ("haters"). You're a music teacher, no need to explain.


Great response! I don't understand why someone would actually waste the time and effort to watch a video of something they don't like and then go on to flame the person who posted it. What a waste of time and energy! I hadn't watched your quick licks videos before but after reading this I'll definitely check them out for the classic rock licks! And to impress my 6 year old daughter when you release the Taylor Swift one, LOL!

Listen people- be players not haters!

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