Prime Cuts: Dimebag Darrell Chooses His 12 Favorite Tunes in 1993 Guitar World Feature



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What about any Plaid album song by Blues Saraceno, Dime wore a plaid patch tattoo in honor of the guy.



20 years later, this is still a killer list of songs.

Many of these songs were very influential on those of us that grew up in the 70's and 80's.



Dime was really something else, when it came to metal guitar. I've always been a fan of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes, and a lot of others, but Dimebag Darrell could pick up a Dean, plug into some Randall amps, and put out a sound that was pure Metal. Even in his earlier days, you could tell that he was super talented. Miss him, and what he could of accomplished today.



What a cool mf-er Dime was! He took bits and pieces from all the best players and morphed it all into his own wicked style and became one of the greatest guitarists, eclipsing most of the guys he "learned" from.

Like most, I'll never get over the way he was taken. The only solace is that he was doing what he loved and was born to do.

R.I.P., Darrell - your unique talent and brotherly persona will never allow you to be forgotten.



I love that you added the thirteenth song, very Black Sabbath of you ;)

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