Prime Cuts: Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Critique Key Songs in the Band’s Harsh, Noble History



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The "ripped riff" that made up 'Sanitarium' is indeed, from Bleak House; the song is "Rainbow Warrior".

(Info from - "Metallica Stole Song?"

Excellent article and why Guitar World is my "Bible" when it comes to all things guitar.

Cheers! \m/ \m/


Moral of the story...Kirk likes his wah pedal, a LOT!


box of dope

cool read, after getting into all the old thrash classics i guess i forgot that these dudes were at one time like me. that rip on slayer was a dumb one though, at least they never alienated theire fan base!



Experimenting and figuring out new stuff is good. Slayer, while great, mostly does the same thing every album. The comment from James rings fairly true even if you don't like it.

BTW Metallica hasn't alienated their fan base, just the few people who think a band should never change.



You said Slayer do the same thing every album and in the very next paragraph said 'Metallica hasn't alienated their fan base, just the few people who think a band should never change' is that in defense of the Metallica fans or Metallica? Either way, that implication is a little contradictory is it not?



I have had a theory for two decades on where they got the Sanitarium riff. I posted it once in a message board of the "original band," who I love even more than Metallica. It's from a song buried within a longer piece of music by a VERY well known band consistently featured in Guitar World still. It's from 1975. The riff isn't identical but the first part is the shape that Hetfield uses on Fade to Black, Sanitarium, and One, and the guitarist even slides that shape up the neck but with one, minor difference than what Hetfield did on Sanitarium. The liner notes to Master of Puppets even offer a HUGE clue on where this came.


Bleak House??



this is really cool being able to read about how kirk wrote his solos and stuff, great article

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