Producer Ken Scott: 'Jeff Beck Didn't Think He Was Good Enough'



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dave oh13

jeff beck is my favourite living guitar player. the sounds he pulls out of his guitar thrill & stun me. i've seen him in the '70s, '90s & about 12 years ago & each show is etched in my memory banks. as for tal wilkenfeld, she is awesome! tiny girl with a big bass sound & incredible chops, very cute & yes, nice tits, too.



This DVD is amazing! as of all the musicians who Jeff plays with. been listening to Jeff since the 70's One of my favorite of all time! just an incredible guitar player with unbelievable tone and taste.



Great, great guitar player! And his bass player has great tits too.



The Jeff Beck bio comes out tommorrow !!!!
I can't wait !!!!

Jeff Beck = THE GUITAR GOD !!! (IMO)



When live came out, I guess it was apparent. In 1970, when Beck had regained his health, he set about forming a band with drummer Cozy Powell. There where about 5 more different Jeff Beck Groups. Sort of like a JB1, JB2, JB3, JB4, 1976 Beck joined forces with the Jan Hammer Group This resulted in the live album Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live (1977). And end of an era of JB's. Beck is still my first influence "Live" that is, I listen to it religiously everyday after school with two other friends on a super delux stereo with 3X5 cabs on an expensive needle. Unbelievable



Don't like jazz but have always respected Jeff Beck as an astounding musician. They worked hard on this one and had lots of fun doing it. The way it ought to be, no matter what genre you play in. Is that a telecaster or stat?



In the video? Yes, that's a Strat all the way. This is from the 'Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's' DVD, by the way (filmed in 2007). But the song, "Space Boogie," is from the 'There and Back' album.


Greg Morlan

Definitely a Strat...

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