PRS Guitars Offers New “Stripped” 58 Model



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Dear agingrocker,
You must have one heck of a library with all the books you read by looking at the cover. I own a Stripped 58 and it is one of the best sounding ,best playing guitars I have ever had my hands on. I shopped around for 6 months and played half of the Les Pauls in my local GC and nothing in the price range was even close to the sound ,feel ,and finish of this guitar. The 57/08 pickups are unbelievable. The "pattern shape" neck is fat but fits my hand perfectly. Gibson is not what it used to be. Just ask any guitar tech. After 20 years of playing I wanted a top shelf guitar ,not just a name. If you don't believe me go play one. Or you can play a SC 58 (It is the exact same guitar with neck binding and laminate on the headstock. The Stripped model is $1000 cheaper.) Is it expensive, Yes. Is it worth every penny, Yes.



Hilarious! Nothing more than a Gibson Les Paul clone in every measurable way (except that it leaves off some of the accouterments). Lots of people make LP clones for lots less money. I used to respect PRS but this is a new low.

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