Queensryche Officially Part Ways with Singer Geoff Tate, Announce Replacement



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Without Chris DeGarmo and Geoff Tate, it's not Queensryche anymore! I suggest the rest of the band come up with a new band name, and show some quality new materials and set a distinctive trend and standards at par with the "old" Queensryche.



They barely held it together after DeGarmo left, but without Tate, there is no Queensryche. His voice fit this band perfectly, and now you are going to replace him? The guitars in this band are good, but Tate's voice is/was everything. Imagine Empire without Tate singing. Extremely disappointing, and a horrible decision by the rest of the band.

I am looking forward to hear a Tate solo album now.


Not exactly the best video to showcase the new singers voice. You can verily hear him over the instruments.

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