Randall Amps Announces Kirk Hammett Limited Edition Half Stack



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Jeez 10 thousand for a half stack seems awfully,.....ridiculous.

I heard they were making a small 5w-10w practice amp that's a KH Randall, I'm kinda interested in that but 10 Thousand????

Like anyone in their right mind wouldn't buy an all tube Marshall Stack if they had that much $$$ laying around.

Kinda dissappointing Kirk. Talk about catering and pandering to the high end gear collection market. This amp was in no way built or assembled for an actual musician. This was built for rich bastards that just want to buy and horde rare or expensive equipment, (*that they usually can't play, look at Steven Seagals collection*) just because they can. Guitars and amps deserved to be played. Not stored in glass and collected like art.

Whatever happened to the 20 year old who remembered how much fun it was to plug a Gibson V into a Marshall half stack and let it rip.

Hmm, guess he got rich and dissappeared.

$10,000. ???

That's beyond ridiculous.



who the hell would pay ten grand for a f^&$%#g half-stack?

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