Randy Rhoads: Hollywood Knights



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Can anyone tell me who everyone is in this photo with Randy?


Arnold McMunn

Clean and crime-free Burbank in 1973? Aw Hell No!
There were Juvies in and out every other day pushing drugs.
In my Burbank circa 1967, a strange kid that you never met before calls you over and you ride your bike up to him and say "Hi", and the next thing that happens is, he pulls out a pair of wire cutters and snips you in the ribs straightaway.

Now, if you call the cops, he then goes back to Juvie as a repeat offender and his friends hunt you down like a dog.

But if you say nothing, then he feels safe with you and offers you a joint from his local business stash. Or something else.

Among the normal families who lived down the street, many broken homes, teen pregnancies, mod parties, and mucho domestic violence.
It was The Burbank Police who told me and my friends that if you put a bar of soap in a sock and use it as a blackjack on someone's head, that there was nothing they could do about the assault, as long as you removed the bar of soap from the sock before the cops arrived, no weapon.
Those cops also stated that verbal threats of violence were non-enforceable.

There were frequent gang fights between The Surfs (surfers and wanna-be's) and The Grease (cruisers and low riders) up on the hill at John Muir Jr. High School on Kenneth Rd. and around Burbank High.
There were frequent rival fights between The Burbank High Bulldogs (supporters of, school football players, etc.) and same (can't remember their motto now) from John Burroughs High on the south side.

The Gay kids didn't do so well at Muir/Burbank, often harassed and sometimes beaten, as were the kids of ethnic backgrounds, kids with impairments, speech defects, retardation, by the other straight and normal white kids who found it necessary to practice eugenics on their captive targets.

At the local Cornell Theater, 1969, I was 15, buying cigarettes from the vending machine in the theater lobby and smoking them outside like everyone else my age who smoked, stepping out during intermission and then going back inside. Nobody was complaining.

Spent the Summer of '69 at 15 hanging with beer busts and some pot.

We didn't have hookers in Burbank. At the age of 15 we had teen nymphos, but with no apparent connection to show biz.
They got pregnant and the party was over.



hi...i was a friend of both Randy & Kelly..went to school with them 7th-9th..we hung out...close friends & the few years in high school...1st off at 13 & 14 they didn't "hang out " in Hollywood... the were still in JHS! that didnt come til High school, & as far as continuation...Kelly has his picture in both 73-74 10th & 11th grades of BURBANK HIGH SCHOOL year book, which he wouldn't have been in had he been going to continuation...we ALL would have graduated in the class of 75 ....of course Randy wasn't an angel...& he did have his wild side...i just want to set some stuff right =o)

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