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Randy Rhoads: Thumb's Up

Randy Rhoads: Thumb's Up

The instrument will serve Garni well in his new role as the bassist for No Sky Today, a band he has formed with Randy’s elder brother, pianist Kelle Rhoads. Says Rhoads, “The band came about when Kelly and I did a benefit concert for the troops in Ohio about a year and a half ago. A manager named Frank Powers liked what he heard and decided to put together a group around us. He handpicked the players: [guitarist] Wayne Findlay from the Michael Schenker Group, [drummer] Scott Phillips from Wasted and a singer named Paul Jones. My contribution is very much like Don Airey’s contribution was to Ozzy Osbourne’s band. It’s not just keyboards—it’s full-on, classical, grand piano, which is what I do.”

The quintet recorded a debut album at Sonic Lodge recording studio in Grove City, Ohio. Garni describes the group’s music as “slammin’ and head-bangin’. But it’s got a lot of classical influence, too. Someone said it’s like a cross between Velvet Revolver and Alice in Chains–meets-Pantera.” At press time, No Sky Today were in discussions with two different record labels and hope to release the album soon. Meanwhile, Garni is keeping busy with a full schedule of Randy-related fan activities, including his web site,

And so, more than 32 years after that fateful fight, Kelly Garni is picking up the threads of his musical career and rocking once again. And with his custom Perry Ormsby bass, he’s well equipped for the gig. One might even say he’s nailing it.

“I wanted the bass to be a tribute to my friend as much as it was a good-playing instrument,” Garni says. “With the nail in there, I feel like a little piece of Randy is still onstage with me.”


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