Rapper Andre 3000 Might Play Jimi Hendrix in Indie Film



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Jimi Streets

Andre 3000 looks like Jimi about as much as I do...And I'm Mexican! I'm joking, but I have been hearing rumors for YEARS about a Jimi biopic. I pray they do it right!!! Not like the lame movie that came out around 2000 starring Wood Harris I think his name was.
On a related note: You're not going to believe this, but I read an interview with Princess Janie where she said, and she was dead serious now, that SHE THOUGHT SHE SHOULD PORTRAY JIMI!!! Honest to goodness, I read this!!!
Jimi's story needs no embellishments like Hollywood like to do. It is a fantastic "rags to riches" story of will and determination paying off in the most incredible way.
Then again.......He dies in the end.......(tears)

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