Ratt - Exclusive Interview and Lesson



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you are absolutely right about the old technology that makes an amp sound good. you have to be very careful in what components are being used and you want them to be period. even a modern resistor is 5 percent, back in the day that may have been 10 percent plus or minus the actual value. crack open an old fender and look how big those 1/4 watt resistors are.
good tube repair guys are hard to find. they dont teach it in school anymore even in the engineering fields. A lot of these guys are coming out of the service where they specifically use tubes in radar equipment. i was one of them. electronic techs out of school have to teach themselves tube theory after learning solid state.i see guys that are self taught that are measuring bias with a volt meter hahahahaha, you got to use an o scope to balance it.
Way smart to hang onto your stuff till you ran into someone you trust. feramentum

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