Readers Poll: The Best Guns N' Roses 'Use Your Illusion' Song



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Estranged is the best song of all!



IMO "My World" should not even have been eligible in the first place.

I love "Estranged", although by the time the video was released (wasn't it like 2 years after the albums? They milked all they could from these) it was clear that they were entering Axl's own illusions. Frakking dolphins? Come on.



Wait, "Get In The Ring" is #2? Really? Also, shouldn't "My World" be dead last by default? I cringe every time I hear that it was put on Use Your Illusion II. Their cover of "Live and Let Die" is #25?

Either this poll was not counted correctly, or the Guitar World readers have some serious GnR listening to catch up on!

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