Readers Poll Results: Top 10 Guitar Albums of 2001



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So, let's see if I have this right - Savatage had the number 1 album in the poll but the guy writing the story couldn't bother to mention their name in the article? And you have a picture of an Opeth (which I think finished 5th) album to go along with the story? I'm beginning to feel like Guitar World views Savatage as the Ron Paul of rock bands.


I agree with you 100% about GW.Epic Fail on their part and this really makes them look like a bunch of amatuers when it comes to giving credit where it is due.They did one article on Criss and that was 16 years after his death.Also,they didn't even put him on the cover which he well deserves.Hall of the mounbtain king was in the top ten albums of 1987 and this one hit number one in 2001.Yes GW!!THE FANS ARE WAITING!!!BUT NOT ON SAVATAGE.....ON YOU TO DO A 20TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO THE VERY BEST GUITARIST/COMPOSER OF OUR TIME!!!Can you understand that when your readers vote for Savatage that probably means you should write about them more??They won the number one spot by double the votes and you talk trash about them?REALLY?

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