Readers Poll Results: The Top 25 Guitar Albums of 1972



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The album that influenced me most from 1972 isn't listed: Allman Brothers, Eat A Peach. Melissa, Little Martha, Blue Sky and a live version of One Way Out were major in my Guitar World back then. Just sayin...

Many from your list had a personal impact in '72 and specially later in life as I broadened my listening. But overall, my concept of guitar was shaped more by Eat A Peach back in the day. Not to overlook my love for the Eagles.



Im in disbelief that Peter Frampton's "Wind Of Change" was not at least in the top 5. Wow...



Wind Of Change wasn't among the original 50. Someone thought Domenic Troiano on the James Gang's Passin' Thru, or worse the Guess Who's Rockin', was more deserving.

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