Readers Poll: Top 10 Guitar Albums of 1982



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Awesome collectionof albums from my birth year.



Yeah, I agree. Out of all of the albums picked "Scorpions Blackout" is the bomb. I don't agree with a few of them. Coda was just remains of what Zeppelin had left (not that great). Night Ranger's "Dawn Patrol" or Rainbow's "straight between the eyes would be a better choice. And though I can't argue with Dire Strait's (anything) not being a top guitar album. It just seems out of place among those picks.



No comments ? SCORPIONS kick ass ! The top 5 were good picks. Far better than 1983- 1984's so far. Motley Crue and Stryper ? Really ?

Two great tracks that show Jabs Skills are " now " and " arizona " this guy is a player up there with Eddie Van Halen.

Rudy is great too. Turn your speaker to the left side and listen to the rhythm playing on blackout. The guy is a machine.Also, The solos on " you give me all i need " and "China white" are some of the most melodic solos you will ever hear.

Great band great album.

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