The Record that Changed My Life: Yngwie Malmsteen Discusses Deep Purple's 'Fireball'



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Made In Japan got me interested in playing music, mainly air drums, but Fireball is what made me steal my brother's unused guitar.



DP's Fireball album did it for me as well (ergo the name). It's still my favorite album after all these years. Check out the eerie cello-like solo Blackmore does on the song Fools starting at 29:40. Must be working that volume knob on his strat with his pinkie -- drop the volume, pluck the string, raise the volume, etc. It's a beautiful and improbable melody all its own, right in the middle of a hard rock song.

The lyrics on Anyone's Daughter and No One Came crack me up everytime I listen, especially with the tone of voice Ian Gillan uses. It's alternately self-deprecating, humorous, sarcastic. Perfect for those songs.

All the rest of the songs are great, too. There's something in or about all of them I just keep wanting to come back to and hear again.



Iron Maiden's - Piece of Mind did it for me.

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