Remembering Jimi Hendrix, Warrior Poet



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Jimi Streets

"... his very public and disruptive role as an anti-war activist." Geez Louweeze! Just because Jimi hated war of any kind and played the "Star Spangled Banner" does not mean he was an anti-war activist! Are you aware of the conversation he had with Eric Burdon in which he stated that the U.S. was right in going into Vietnam, to stop the spread of communism? According to Billy Cox Jimi was very patriotic and loved his country. I'm aware that nowadays protest and descent equals patriotism to some, but Jimi was patriotic in the traditional sense. Anybody with a functional brain hates war. Some of us, including Jimi, realize that sometimes it is a necessary evil in order to prevent an even worse evil.
Sure, the FBI kept its eye on Jimi. But they watched every popular artist back then that had hair longer than a Marine. Jimi was no "disruptive" force. He clearly, on many occasions, stated the reason why he played the national anthem the way he did: As a commentary on society as it was at the time. Or because the "air is static, isn't it?" to quote him directly. "Sonic flag-burning???" Not hardly. The man never did nor ever would do anything like that.
Its really easy to attempt to reinvent Jimi 40+ years down the road into whatever image you wish, when he is not around to defend himself. Even still, those that knew Jimi best are still around and have clearly painted an entirely different picture of Jimi than you have.
Its not right nor fair that you have willfully ignored the truth to mold Jimi into your chosen image. I'm guessing its likely a case of projection. Or at least another sad case of historical revisionism. Either way, you're wrong to do so.

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