Review: Acoustic G120 DSP Combo Amp



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Bought this little jewel and I am really surprised on how good it is as compared to other brands. Usually, solid state amps get a bad rap and for good reason: they sound terrible. In some cases, they fail, or companies didn’t do a decent job of designing them. I've had a Marshall MG fail at a gig, had a Fender fail on me, had Egnater fail, had Blackstar fail, and had an Albion fail too! All were tube amps, see a pattern yet! I certainly do, and it involves tubes and my hard earned cash! The only amps that have never failed me is my VOX AC30.

But the Acoustic G120 DSP 2x12 is a great piece, and is loud enough for small venues, clubs, and even bigger gigs. I've used and it’s solid. I like an amp when I turn it on and it stays on! The EQ is shared on both channels and in many amps that can really suck big time. On this unit it works great: surprise! The mid scoop to my ears is way better than the Marshall MG series amps. And, the effects are useable if you need them.

I use an RP1000 with patches setup for the 4 cable method that lets me use both the amp preamp and the RP1000 preamp, so you get the best of both worlds. I bought this amp because my high dollar tube amp crapped out on me and really pissed me off! For the money it is a good amp, and gig worthy, plenty loud too! I plan on getting the head and 4x12 cabinet soon!

Oh, you do have the option to use a 2 button footswitch that does not ship the amp, it ain’t no big deal! But, I recommend you get a 2 button Live Wire footswitch if you buy this amp. Live wire is solid gear and wont poop out on you! And remember to print out your Guitar Center coupon to get some cash off the price. So for now, I will be using acoustic amps for my backline until something changes: maybe like a failure but we all know amps can and will fail, it’s just a question of when!

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