Review: B.C. Rich Mockingbird STQ Guitar



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Are you kiddin', lowb5str? I have yet to sse a video review by Paul that HASN'T had way too much distortion. And believe me, I let him know all of the time.

Basically, we have never heard any of these guitars that Paul has reviewed, we've just heard the super-distorted amps. They all sound exactly the same with the amount of gain that he uses.

Get a freakin' clue, Paul!



mooseboy, we do not know if someone like the editor-in-chief controls the video content, or if Paul does. OR maybe it's the video editor. That's why I wrote what I did.

GW staff: when you review an axe, SHOW US CLEAN FIRST, PLEASE. If we do not have a sense of what clean tone the guitar starts with, we are going to look elsewhere. AND please play a sample of EACH clean tone with the same note phrase and a sample chord. Yes, it sounds dry, but it gives us REAL INFO we can use. After that is all on the "tape", run it through some amp distortion and shred away. It's like trying to read a sentence without understanding what each word means first. Each different guitar has a tone "language" or "dialect" that we musicians need to hear before we can appreciate how it "sings". PLEASE?



I have the Mockingbird ST with the Floyd Rose tremolo in transparent bloody red (can we say gorgeous?)'s a gloriously versatile guitar, with the capability to play it all, from low and slow bluesy coolness all the way to massive grindage metal assault brutality, and all points in between. For the guy who wanted the Varitone to be featured more prominently, take this little tidbit of advice...go to your local music store, plug one of these beauties into your amp of choice, and fart around with it in person for a couple of hours. The Varitone is a fairly subtle effect, but once you've played one of these gems, you'll have to own it! Oh, don't forget to bring $700 or so with you, cuz you're gonna want to bring it home with you that day! btw, I really dig the fixed bridge version, I might just have to get one of these too!



I am surprised I am bothered by the demo enough to write, because I never before have had a nit to pick on one of Paul R's demos.

The demo had too much distortion dialed in, and the music was too complex. And shouldn't one play exactly the same simple pattern for each tone setting? THEN add in the fuzz and show-off the axe.

I want to be really clear: I am picking at the "script" for the demo, not at Paul Riario's skills. I would love to see the demo redone to show off the varitone copntrol more clearly.



MY BRAND! Thanks for uploading this! BC Rich is my favorite guitar brand!

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