Review: Blackstar Amplification ID:100TVP Head



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BruceBurt said: "Can I PLEASE hear some clean sounds from this amp... no I mean CLEAN SOUNDS, not just "drive" sounds from the "clean" (?) channel...."

Bruce, this problem is rampant with "reviews" these days. More often than not, it's some knucklehead playing totally distorted sounds as fast as he can, giving you zero idea of what the amp, guitar, or processor is capable of doing.

I'm not specifically picking on Paul here, he's a fine guitarist. But he's as guilty as everybody else is of this crime. Matter of fact, if I'm looking at one of his guitar reviews, I'll generally fast forward to about three quarters of the way through his review where he's at least a little more likely to be using it in a clean mode for a couple of seconds.

So come on Paul- step up to the plate! You can help turn this knucklehead trend around since so many people watch your reviews. Be daring- start out your reviews playing clean, slow chords so that we can actually hear THE GUITAR or THE AMP, not your amazing licks.



Actually, I enjoy the chops, and in fact, the chops really let the amp shine even better. BUT ... along with the chops, can we hear a little Sultans of Swing, some Andy Summers (Police) some hot country tele, maybe a Joe Pass solo... hey I'd even want to hear the guitar part from a Cyndi Lauper song - I want to know how the amp will deliver when I have to play these other styles at a wedding, or with my cover band.

Oh by the way, I wrote to Blackstar asking about MIDI implementation and got the "wrong" answer (as in - not the answer I'd hoped for) as far as how the amp treats continuous controller #7 (volume). I was hoping that a foot controller sending CC #7 would act like a pedal foot controller, post distortion and before effects. Apparently, if I understand the answer I was given, it's as thought the controller does what the VOLUME knob does - in other words, your HIGH GAIN sounds will be really loud with the toe down and the clean sounds will not be loud enough with the toe down.

Please someone clarify this! This is a major deal breaker for an amp I would otherwise buy right this minute.



Can I PLEASE hear some clean sounds from this amp... no I mean CLEAN SOUNDS, not just "drive" sounds from the "clean" (?) channel.... Really, I love the IDEA of a programmable amp that can be controlled with a MIDI foot controller - but the burning question is - can I play a gig with a cover band - a wedding, say... Can I get EVERY sound that a guitar player in a working band will need to be able to get? You scrolled through the voicings, and I was waiting to hear the "clean" channels, but they weren't really clean at all - just "less distorted." Can a MidI footcontroller control VOLUME the way a master foot volume pedal in an effects loop would? Absolutely essential questions yet unanswered.

Would be nice to see an effects loop in this thing as well. there are plenty of us who like to use noise reduction or say ... a harmonizer or something like that.



Good guitar player Paul.
This amp sounds good. He didn't really mention if all those different features are foot-switchable. I wouldn't want to have to turn a nob everytime I wanted to change something.

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