Review: Britannia Guitars Scorpion Elite



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A really interesting design. What was demonstrated in the video was impressive; the pups sound like they deliver a lot of crunch with overdrive, although I'm curious how the lucite handles clean. I'd be interested in how the lucite would look with some wild pigmentation in it, like transparent dayglo, or light green or light blue, or light purple, or if possible, several colors kind of swirled together; just a thought...If a guy was into collecting unusual axes, this one would certainly be one to think about.

I have to say, though, that I'm old-fashioned; I like the look & feel of wood, so although it would definitely make a good metal guitar, it's probably not a guitar I'd go out of my way to own. If I changed my mind, I'd want to know how well the lucite would hold up to the inevitable scratches & dings that a gigging musician is likely to put on one. could that kind of wear be buffed or polished out?



Very cool.

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