Review: Bugera TriRec Infinium Guitar Amplifier



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The written review reads like manufacturer buzzword galore. Eric claims that this is a boutique amplifier (which it isn't). He also claims that it is handbuilt, which is also ridiculous since this is a BUDGET ASSEMBLY LINE PRODUCT, no PTP soldering there.
As far as this rivaling the big names - not so sure, their amps are known for blowing up when the warranty runs out, had several friends with their rectifier knockoffs and they blew transformers and power tubes like crazy.



That's Bugera not Brugera. Great review!



Works fine with IE 10.0.9 with Adobe Flash 11.7. You might want to update these two applications and/or use another browser i.e. Chrome etc.



Really want to check this out, but I can never view anything.!! Is anyone else having any issues NOT being able to actually watch these reviews..??!!! I can only watch the car ad and then the whole thing just vanishes..

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