Review: Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II



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box of dope

personally i wouldnt buy anything endorsed by miss mustaine.



I got the VMNT, and after tried this most affordable version, and apart from the pick ups and the fretboard has not too much for envy, of course different shape but same construction specifications, I mean the feeling is the same and the standard dean pick up sounds quit ok...., uhm personally, I think these Mustaine models will sell better if they come with plane colors than with these of sure nice design motives on the top..., but no one wants to play on stage with the guitar of another guy!!!



And no one wants to read a comment by someone trying to type like they speak... Umm ok ? Learn how to write then post... Sounds like you have some experience with these guitars but I couldn't tell what the hell you were talking about. It's called grammar and punctuation.... Look into it



Could you guys stop calling these reviews? They are very interesting and they provide great information about the gear, but they dont mention the good AND bad aspects of the gear. Maybe call them "infomertials" or something like that? Alternatively i guess you guys could discuss the good, bad and ugly attributes of the piece of gear you are actually "reviewing".



They aren't going to print cons about products... These are the same companies that pay for advertising space. It's a business... Smart businesses don't slam thier customers. Your right.., they aren't reviews.


So I'm guessing since this is the "affordable" version it doesn't come with Dave's Livewire pickups? :/ Oh well. Wouldn't buy Dean anyways.

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