Review: Ernie Ball Music Man Armada



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It sounds great but .... how much of the tone if due to the guitar/pickups and how much of the tone is due to the amp? I guess we'll never know :(



It looks beautiful, my only objection would be the placement of the volume knob. I have a Musicman Steve Morse Y2D and one aspect that I truly love is that I can change the volume so easily with my pinkie so that it doesn't interrupt my playing. Here that wouldn't be possible. Still a great guitar though.



I fell in love with this guitar the first time I saw the ad. I think it's one of the most beautiful axes produced by anyone outside a one-man custom shop. And I'm a Tele freak! Just stunning. Breaks my heart that I can't afford it. If only I was American! :-)

Another guitar I like a lot is Eastwood's new limited edition Dallas Green Signature Airline Jupiter PRO. Not in the same league as the Armada for sure but I think it's the best-looking guitar Eastwood has produced in their Airline series so far. Although my limited-edition Eastwood burst Monolith looks pretty darned awesome too. :-)



I hate Paul Riario because I will never play as well as he does. Nice job, Paul, as usual.



Hey man, join the club! :-)



Paul, buddy, you need a haircut.

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