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What they don't mention is that the trem isn't blocked which makes it damn hard to use the D-tuna. The one Paul is playing has been modified to have a floating trem, but EVH sends it to you flat against the body, setting your new axe up for instant scratching. Once you buy a trem-block (as recommended on the dtuna website), install it, reset up everything, fix the sharp fret ends, THEN it is like the guitar Eddie plays. I think they assumed most people would be hanging these on the wall.



The only reason the D-tuna WILL work is because it IS blocked. You can't pull back on it... if it were floating the D-tuna wouldn't work at all.

One thing I think they should've done if they wanted this to be indicative of the era Ed played these, would be to put a Frankenstein Humbucker in there instead of a Wolfgang pickup. There's a big difference in tone. I prefer the Frankenstein myself and everyone I've talked to who's used both agree too. However that pup costs more and maybe that's why they didn't utilize it... they wanted to keep the cost down.



Sorry, that's correct. What I should have said is they don't come blocked, so GW obviously had to get it set up properly as that's not the way they ship. The floyd is set back against the body which makes it next to impossible to activate the d-tuna until it is properly blocked in the back cavity.



New? They've been out for a year.

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