Review: Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 Combo Amplifier



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When he's doing the clean sound, he has the pickups selector in the middle position. I would've loved to hear just the bridge p'up. He didn't mention the midi function on this amp either. I'm an H&K guy. I have 2 Switchblades and a Triamp MKII. I want to pick one of these up as well.



I own 2 H&K amps and they are great.

The "Clean" channel in this demo seemed like it was heavily compressed. I'm not sure if the amp has a compressor in it or if they did it that way when making the video. It wasn't all that "crystal" clean like he spoke about, to me at least.

And the crunch channel is really mid-range sounding compared to my amps.

There were at least 2 mentions of the back of this amp, it would have been a plus to this video to have seen the layout and the connections, especially the non-visible and non-used footswitch.



I had this amp. I bought it for the third channel over the 18. Ch3 has more gain than the 18 with boost engaged.
The adjustable power levels and dedicated 3 cahnnel setup is nice. It has good gain, with 3 getting really in there, an EQ in the loop and it's metal.
Unfortunately, I came across a DV Mark Triple 6. Same size, more power, and a ton more gain.
So the 36 had to go so I could afford the Triple 6.
If you're not an insane gainiac, this T36 will 'do it all' for you.

If I were gigging again, covering a wide range of tunes, I'd probably sell the Triple 6 and get the T36 combo. Just for the flexibility and portability.

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