Review: Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter — Video



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I've had one for awhile now, and this delay fills quite a few holes left by other delays. That slide for setting time is just the right size to catch with my big toe and manipulate as I play. This makes it easy to make micro-adjustments that sound like a glitch that can add a techno kick to a rhythm part.

Also, the oscillator mode goes deeper than Paul could possibly fit into a 10 minute review. The best feature though is, like most delays, this one easily gets out of control. However, what the designers have apparently done is slow down how fast it goes out of control. Very useful in a build-drop song structure. When the drop hits, simply turn off the delay.

Out of the box, most guitarists should be satisfied with the unit's basic operations. However, some time spent operating the slide like an expression pedal has both immediate and long-term rewards.

There's a lot of old school built into this pedal, but it has great potential in modern styles.



To those who claim the Tap Tempo doesn't work, I say "practice". I have yet to see a guitarist tap an accurate tempo on a new pedal. You really gotta click with the click.

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