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By way of an example here is a kid who got a record deal playing one of those guitar simulators on his iphone because he could not afford a keyboard.

No endless I don't hear the air moving, amplitube v guitar rig v kemper v axe v real amps blah blah blah. Just a musician making music that moves people with the tools that he has.



TaylorFusion - You are one of a very small group who can hear moving air at a concert! If you go to YouTube and find videos for real amps v simulations, most people have no idea which is which. If someone like Pete Thorn is not put off by the lack of moving air from an amp sim then I highly doubt many can tell a difference - i know within the context of a live band or mixed track I sure can't. I also suspect that most people who speculate on stuff like this are not actively gigging or recording musicians (not saying this of you as you mention using it in live situations).



That is just awesome. Cool beyond words. Does anyone know if any guitarists have been arrested for breaking and entering into their favourite store so they could profile the amps in the showroom? :-)



You evidently dont own one.



Pual, thanks for profiling this amp. I wished you had talked about the appropriate amp/speaker for use of this on stage. My biggest beef with these kind of technologies is that they don't move air like a "real" amp. The experience in headphones is awesome but live they don't feel the same. And for the kind of money Kemper wants for this cool technology, I would be bummed if on stage the amp sounded flat because of a weak link in the signal chain.

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