Review: Line 6 POD HD500X Multi-Effect Processor



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for a long time I was not a fan of Line 6 due to the fact that I bought Pod XT Live a few years ago and could not get a decent sound out of it, until I purchased this unit the Pod HD 500X and I am blown away by how awesome it sounds, I have an Engl Invader 100 with an Engl cab and it is the best sounding amp I have ever heard for both metal and clean, and this unit can keep up with it no problem. great work line 6 and great video by Paul as usual.



Hi Paul,I have one, but how did you connect it ?
I use it with a rocktron velocity 300 and 2 single12" cabs loaded with celestion century speakers. I also tried the L2m but that sounded like crap



I need to check the weather report in Hell! Paul did not start out with a super distorted guitar sound, playing his fastest riffs.

Okay, all kidding aside- well done, Paul.

This is a complex, deep box, and its predecessor was in the short list for me when I needed a new multiprocessor. I even bought one from Guitar Center but ultimately had to return it because I could not get a decent "starting tone" from it without any fizz on top.

Having said that, if I primarily played country or metal, it would been the hands down winner.

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