Review: Orange Micro Terror Guitar Amp



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what was the cost of " orange terror amp"



I bought one of these and a 112 cab based on what I saw on youtube and I must say, mine didn't have anywhere near the overdrive as the one on there or on this demo....i sold it.



Paul, I think you misspoke in your review of the Orange amp. You stated that the 12AX7 drives the power amp and that it has a solid-state preamp. Actually, it's the other way around: The 12AX7p drives the preamp and the power amp is solid-state. Here's a link:

Maybe it's the microphone, but I personally found the sound of the somewhat lacking in fullness, especially when compared to, for example, a Fender Blues Junior. I like the small size, but once you connect it to a speaker the smaller size is somewhat balanced out by the size of the cabinet.

Keep up the good work…

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