Review: Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 Guitar



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Ola Englund no aproves !



I feel like that guitar wasn't given its proper justice. I'm not trying to sound out of line or make a diss at Paul but his choice of amps/distortion made the guitar sound like a crappy bass using an overdrive pedal. I believe that guitar would sound amazing running through a 5150 and if I was anyone smart I wouldn't use this review as an accurate review of the guitar.



Wow. That thing sounds like refried $&it. Not your fault, Paul; it just sounds terrible. The lowest string overpowers everything else on the guitar. If someone wants that many low frequencies, why not just play bass?



Hey!!!!! Way to go, Paul!

Right off the top we hear what the GUITAR sounds like when you play it slowly through a clean amp. Much applause for this behavior! And it sounds great, love the baritone timbre.

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