Review: Schecter Hellraiser C VI BCH Baritone Guitar



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mooseboy has a point.

GW STAFF: Show us clean FIRST, PLEASE? SHORT riffs, the SAME for each tone setting so we can hear the effects of the controls CLEARLY, followed by a chord, would be a really helpful format. THEN show us what it sounds like being played in anger. PLEASE?

BTW, for bass guitar, the reviewer who does this already is Ed Friedland. He has his own studio, and is a gigging pro.

Finally, thanks for reviewing this baritone! It is likely to be my next purchase, definitely in my top 3 for consideration.



Hey, kids~ if you want to ACTUALLY HEAR THE GUITAR, jump forward to the 3:30 mark. Otherwise, you're just going to hear a totally distorted amp, and you won't be able to tell this guitar from any other baritone.

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