Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Awards: Winners Announced



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the Golden Gods Awards also included hard-rocking musical numbers by Rob Zombie, Fear Factory, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada and last year's host Brian Posehn's all-star band featuring Scott Ian, ralph lauren shirts,wholesale nike shoes,nike soccer cleats,abercrombie outlet,new era hats,oakley sunglasses,polo outlet



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I don't think Zakk is the best guitar plyr...I think Lommi could win, Although I really love Kirk (LLL)xDD LOL. but it couldn't be a Kirk or a Zakk without a Lommi, right?

And I absolutely agree with the best live band winner, Metallica always make the crowD feel lucky and alive!! their gigs are so...AMAZING!!, well deservd! yeeeeeeeaaarhhg! Kirk[LLL], James, Rob, Cliff† and Lars have always been winners =D

Oh and also, I personally think that Anvil is the come back of the year...why everybody ignores what Anvil givs?



Of course, you have to admit. Revolver's Golden Gods Awards is basically the retard version of Metal Hammer's Golden Gods Awards anyway. Not to be taken seriously whatsoever. The Rev wasn't even nominated on Metal Hammer's Golden Gods as the best drummer. Because any metal head musician out there knows a drum machine kicks the fuck out of The Rev. But even though they were both on the Revolver's, Chris Adler and Dave Lombardo both got nominated on Metal Hammer's Golden Gods. Oh, I wonder why. XD Fuck the mainstream of sheeple. Can't wait for Metal Hammer. :)



Thanks for the comprehensive list. I hope that you will give updates as time goes on and also to let us know who is really deserving, in your opinion, of the awards. Everyone has their opinion.



come one Zakk Wylde? give me a break, yeah hes better than me at guitar but he is a one trick pony. Even Ozzy got tired of his squealing guitar every ten seconds and he dumped him. Maybe him and Tom Marelo should share the award. He couldn't even polish Dimebag or Randy Rhoads shoe alive or dead.



Zakk is not only the best guitarist in metal, he is the best living. No one can touch him when it comes to monster riffs and especially solos. Dave Mustaine may have a few years on Mr. Wylde, but Dave is still climbing the proverbial mountain, a mountain which has had a bullseye and skully flag atop it for many years.



Best Drummer - Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (AVENGED SEVENFOLD?

Not to sound harsh, but is he winning the award because he died? I just thought they always used a drum machine set to 4/4.

Album Of The Year - ALICE IN CHAINS - Black Gives Way To Blue?

I like AiC, but was this because they haven't put out a new album in way over a decade? AiC will always be Jerry, Sean, Mike? and Layne.... not Jerry, Sean, Mike? and someone who sounds like Layne. Mastodon should have won this hands down.

Best Guitarist - Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY)?

With Dave Mustaine still teaching people how it's done, Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt was "best" guitarist?

For some of you that don't know who "Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt" is... that's ZaKK's real name. Just not to confuse anyone.



Exactly. Don't you just hate the countless amount of mindless sheeple out there these days? It's not a wonder why there is so much war these days. Not to mention murder, rape, and everything in between. When the world is full of people that are this fucking stupid, none of them really deserve to live. If more people like Eric Stadler(Guitar shredding genius. The guy lives in St. Louis, and has been teaching professionally for over 13 years. And the guy is only like 36 years old. He teaches progressive, neo-classical, fusion, metal, and everything basically. This guy is a god of a musician, he actually understands what goes into music.), had voted on this instead of 14-year-old girls and blatant faggots, we'd actually get an accurate vote. There should be prerequisites to vote. You have to at least know everyone of the nominees. Anyone who votes for The Rev over the fucking Godfather of double bass(Dave Lombardo - Slayer) does not know anything whatsoever about music. Jesus Titty Fucking Christ! Necrophagist used a drum machine on their first album. The Onset Of Putrefaction. And that album had more original, more innovative, and not to mention more technical drumming in it than everything that The Rev has done put together. I could program a drum machine to produce better drumming than that talentless little emo faggot myself, and it wouldn't be hard at all. Congratulations you sheeple of the world. You voted for a drummer that a drum machine can easily best. Zakk Wylde's guitar playing only sounds as bad as his upward inflection with every single word that he vocalizes in a song. I mean, Kirk Hammett may be the absolute WORST student that Joe Satriani(The Good ones being Alex Skolnick, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci.) ever taught, but even he is better than Zakk Wylde. The monkeys make fun of Kirk Hammett, but they just keep Zakk Wylde as their own pet. Zakk Wylde doesn't even play solos. Ozzy's music went to fucking shit when Zakk Wylde joined. The intro riff in Tornado Of Souls by Megadeth is more of a solo than anything Zakk Wylde has ever played(Of what he actually composed himself anyway). I wish I could say this is a hate comment, but people like The Rev and Zakk Wylde aren't worth hate. They're just an annoyance. Can they just go away? They don't have to go away mad, they just need to go away. So people who appreciate actual talent and actual music, not pop girl/faggot shit, can listen to the music that takes actual talent, and do so peacefully. When an annoyance gets too big, what do people do? Too many flies buzz around, you get a fly swatter. I think it's about time someone made a custom fly swatter for The Rev and Zakk Wylde. Even in death The Rev's talentless annoyance is bothersome.

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