The Right Approach: To Become a Better Player, Try Writing Down Your Goals



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Thanks man! I appreciate the compliment.



Here is one comment.

I always have goals when I practice. I always have an objective to reach. But it's important to mention that I don't fix a limit amount of time to reach the objective. I just learn at my own pace.

I also measure my level of learning by saving in an excel file some parameters. For example, if I want to increase my speed, I build an exercise tough for me to play and do it at a certain bpm and write in my excel file if succeeded or not. I also write comments on how to approach the exercise and give myself some tips ... because I forget :p !

Than I can do some stats and actually see if I improved and quantify that improvement. If at some point I see that I begin to stagnate, I stop doing the exercise and come back to it one month later ... and the improvement continues.



Awesome advice :)

Infact all your articles on practice are awesome, not sure why they aren't getting more comments.

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